How to custom design your engagement ring?

Jaubalet custom-designed engagement ring

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisMAISON JAUBALET PARIS is a new interpretation of jewelry design and jewelry making:

You become the creator of your custom-designed engagement ring. It is an invitation to give free rein to your imagination by playing with gemstones in various colors, pearls and gold. Hesitate no longer; open the door to your own design studio. Behind the virtual doors of your virtual studio, MAISON JAUBALET PARIS allows you to become the “project manager”  for your custom-designed engagement ring .Simply send your project to MAISON JAUBALET PARIS and you will take part in its creation with the assistance of our jewelry designer and craftsmen. Listen to their expert advice, share ideas, make new suggestions… We assist our clients at every step of the design phase. Each phase, from the original idea to the crafting of the finished piece, follows the pure tradition of French luxury jewelry making!

MAISON JAUBALET PARIS was born from the encounter with master jewelry designers and craftsmen aspiring to share their passion of luxury jewelry making and desirous to have others discover the know-how and expertise of the tradition of French fine jewelry making. Marketing and outrageous costs are over and done with! Our direct distribution by Internet allows us to offer very attractive prices, well below those charged by other Place Vendôme luxury jewelry brands. Affordable luxury!

Custom designed jewelry - Jaubalet

Exlibris Jaubalet Paris Jewelry sketch : a designer’s lamenting

“Creating a jewelry design is a passionate yet difficult alchemy of embryonic ideas that knock against each other and are transformed. For the unfortunate designer, the blank page is in front of him.-Ah leave it alone…don’t darken the page mechanically; even pretend it can’t be seen. Close your eyes and gently send messages to the brain imploring Mother Nature for help. She is my never-ending source of inspiration. Fleeting images appear, shells, exotic leaves, wood texture etc. A light blinks, then my left hand discretely grasps the blank page and with my other hand holding my treacherous pencil, I sketch the silhouette of my ring soon to be born. My mind is at last at peace.”

Jewelry Wax - Jaubalet

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisWax

A metal piece of jewelry, which will be a unique piece (for example a custom-designed engagement ring) or a model used from an elastomer mold, can be produced using the “lost wax” casting method. This tradtional method was already used by the Egyptians in Antiquity. The shape of the piece to be crafted is initially sculpted in wax or metal at a scale of 1.05 (or on average3%) to take into account shrinkage, the slight reduction in the size of the metal piece produced in relation to the dimensions of the wax model which is linked to a physics phenomenon of metal dilation and shrinking of the wax after cooling. In order to validate all of the custom-designed pieces or jewerly crafted in our workshops, this step is indispensable. The wax form of the piece of jewelry you have ordered is sent to you for approval.

Custom designed workshop - Jaubalet

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisProcess for manufacturing a jewel

 Polishing jewelry - Jaubalet

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisPolishing

Polishing gives your custom-designed engagement ring all its luster. There are basically two polishing methods used in jewelry making. MECHANICAL POLISHING : felt or cotton discs dipped in compounds, that are more or less abrasive, are used to polish the surface of the metal. For difficult to reach places, such as crevices and inside angles, cotton threads/strings dipped in the same abrasive compounds are placed in these hard to reach areas and are vigorously rubbed. CHEMICAL POLISHING : this type of polishing is not suitable for all alloys used in jewelry making.

Jewelry setting - Jaubalet

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisSETTING

A custom-designed engagement ring must be of irreproachable quality. It is therefore essential that the setting be performed by trade professionals. Setting consists in attaching a precious gemstone to a metal mount by moving a part of the metal. The techniques commonly used for settings include:

PRONG or CLAW SETTING : prongs are tiny pieces of metal from the mount that the setter folds over the stone’s girdle securing the stone into place

BEAD SETTING : using a graver, a metal bead is pushed out and a tiny bit of metal is folded over the edge of the stone without separating it though.

BEZEL SETTING : precious metal is wrapped around the gemstone, folded along its perimeter creating a kind of frame.