Custom-designed jewelry make any event unique and unforgettable 


Custom designed jewelry as exceptional as your dream

Live an extraordinary experience, treat yourself to a custom-designed, unique and exceptional piece of jewerly, give it as a gift or have someone treat you for that special event or simply for pleasure.

Maison Jaubalet Paris puts your wishes, your desires, your needs, at the heart of our artistic thought process. You will discover the “secret” and magic world of luxury jewelry making covering the various steps involved in hand crafting your piece (solitaire gemstone ring, Diamond ring, 18 karat gold pendants, etc…)  You will be assisted by our artisan jewelers (designers, master craftsman, setters, etc…) whose experience, know-how, creativity, emotion will be completely devoted to custom-designing and crafting your piece of jewelry.

The whole team at Maison Jaubalet Paris, located a few yards from Place Vendôme, will do everything to make your dream a reality.

Living such an experience makes it an unforgettable memory.  You consider your piece of jewelry like no other. It will be yours and yours alone, the one you designed with your whole heart and soul.



Custom-designed jewelry pieces reflecting your corporate image 

Maison Jaubalet Paris offers companies the possiblitiy to custom-design and custom order jewelry pieces as “business gifts” or for special events such as incentive gifts, competition prizes, awards, celebration mementos, etc… for your employees, clients or business partners.


 Jaubalet Paris  - custom made jewelry - jewelry


A corporate image is an indispensable communication vehicle. Each company has its own background, culture and notoriety. A corporate image is often transmitted by its employees and partners. To enable your company to meet that image objective whether the company itself or projects underway, Maison Jaubalet Paris has devoted a team of designers, master craftsman, trade experts in diamonds, artisan jewelers, and advisers to your project in order to meet your specific needs and adhere to your specifications including design, time frame, price, etc. while ensuring the reflection of your corporate image.


 Jaubalet Paris  - custom made jewelry - drawing-Jaubalet Paris  - custom made jewelry




Jaubalet Paris  - custom made jewelry - jewelry

The advantages of choosing Maison Jaubalet Paris for your special order 

Attend to your needs: Your needs and your wishes are at the heart of our artistic thought process. With that in mind, our designer, our master craftsmen and experts will be attuned to your needs and wishes to ensure that the finished custom-designed piece corresponds to the idea you had in mind.

Support: Throughout the crafting of the jewelry, the Maison Jaubalet Paris team will explain each step of the design and crafting process and advise you concerning the choices you have to make: Which precious gemstone? Which sketch/design? Which pave? etc….

Involvement: The Maison Jaubalet Paris team will involve you throughout most of the jewelry making steps. You will therefore be an integral part of the design phase, the wax piece approval, the choice of gemstones, etc…

Time frame: Maison Jaubalet Paris makes every effort to craft your custom-designed jewelry in a short time frame and according to your needs. However, Maison Jaubalet Paris refuses to shorten announced time frames to the detriment of quality craftsmanship and its high standards.

Our guarantee: All of the jewelry made by Maison Jaubalet Paris and produced it its workshop is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, stamped (government and master craftsman), and the HRD, GIA, or IGI certificate for diamonds over 0.30 carats.

The price: The economic model of Maison Jaubalet Paris, in particular its distribution network, allows our clients to purchase jewelry at prices below those charged by Place Vendôme jewelry makers.