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Collection of diamond and other precious gemstone jewelry

Diamond jewelry pieces include engagement rings, solitare rings, wedding bands, diamond pendants, pearl and diamond necklaces, and diamond and pearl earrings. Occasions abound to wear diamond jewelry. A color gemstone can also be beautiful and enthralling. Why not select an engagement ring in yellow gold, set with a ruby and match it with a ruby and diamond wedding band.

Men often buy diamond jewelry to prove their love to their partner. An engagement ring or a wedding band is full of meaning and the choice is far from insignificant. It is therefore important take into consideration your partner’s personality and tastes as well as your budget. These pieces of luxury jewelry not only symbolize commitment but the purity of the relationship. The reasoning is the same for a pearl ring, an emerald pendant or a ruby bracelet.

Let yourself be tempted by a a ring set with a blue or a pink sapphire coordinated with a diamond wedding band. Luxury jewelers and jewelers online, Maison Jaubalet Paris, located 16 place Vendôme in Paris, will enable you to explore the know-how of  luxury jewelry making, making your jewelry dream come true whether it is a solitaire diamond ring or a ring with another precious gemstone, a wedding band, a pearl ring, a pendant, a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet or earrings. Your piece can be in yellow or white gold or platinum, set with precious gemstones: certified diamonds, rubies, sapphires (blue or pink) and emeralds.

Which precious metal should be chosen yellow, white or pink gold, or platinum?

Diamonds are often compared to yellow gold in relation to their rarity and their precious aspect. Yellow gold must  contain 75% of solid gold, in other words 750 thousandths equivalent to 18 carats. Otherwise, it is considered  a derivative such as plated gold. Other types of gold include white gold (or gray) or pink gold.

• 75% gold| 12,5% silver| 12,5% copper = yellow gold.
• 75% gold | 5 % silver | 20 % copper =pink gold.
• 75% gold| 15 % silver| 10 % copper = white gold.

Good quality white gold must contain some palladium and must also be rhodium plated. Bear in mind that white gold will be more fragile than yellow gold.

Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and is found in very few places in the world. Its density and weight make it more durable than any other precious metals. It can be worn everyday without risk of being damaged. Crafting platinum is more difficult and requires very qualified and experienced craftsmen. By wearing jewelry made with platinum, a woman expresses the strength of her personality and her contemporary woman style.

Become the designer and project manager of your dreams… Your piece will be unique!

Maison Jaubalet Paris will share the know-how of its artisan jewelers with you.  Each phase of the crafting process, for example of a solitaire gemstone ring, involves a craftsman specialized in his or her trade, such as a hand polisher or gem setter, who requires more than 10 years of apprenticeship.  Maison Jaubalet Paris will have you discover a genuine Art perpetuated according to French luxury jewelry making traditions!

A diamond is not only a symbol of refinement and luxury but of purity and eternity.  Diamonds have a specific appeal  because of their extreme sparkle and extraordinary shapes. The purchase of a diamond can be a huge investment and therefore serious thought should be given before deciding to actually make the purchase. We recommend consulting a specialist before buying and making a comparative study in the same way you would when purchasing a house or other valuables. We advise you on the choice of the diamond best suited to the piece of jewelry and also to your budget. These diamonds are available online on our website: buy a diamond..