Diamond wedding rings and engagement rings suiting the extraordinary event

In the life of a couple, the choice of an engagement ring or the diamond wedding ring is among the most important and memorable moments.

An engagement is the first step before marriage. Today engagements have lost their ceremonial character and now represent more of a sign of love between two people rather than a contract between families. It is possible today  for a man and a woman to get engaged without intending to get married. When a man  proposes with an engagement ring, it is generally with the promise of marriage though. All young girls dream about this special ring, an important symbol for the fiancés. An engagement ring is therefore an uncomparable piece of jewelry. That is why special care must be given to selecting the ring, even more so because of the value that is often greater than a diamond wedding ring. The central gemstone is usually a higher priced diamond or other precious gemstone. According to tradition, which goes back to the middle ages, it was the young man or his family that gave the  fiancée her ring. Today, it is increasingly common for a couple to choose the engagement ring together as it will symbolize their immense love and profound attachment. An engagement ring provides the audacity to ask that important question.

Choose a solitaire diamond to be customized  from the Maison Jaubalet Paris collection either in white, yellow or pink gold or in platinum and set with precious gemstones including: diamonds, rubies, blue and pink sapphires and emeralds. Customizing your engagement will make it truly yours!

engagement ring in emerald Judith- Jaubaletengagement ring in pink sapphire Judith- Jaubaletengagement ring in blue sapphire Judith - Jaubaletengagement ring in ruby Judith- Jaubaletengagement ring in diamond and white gold Judith- Jaubaletengagement ring in diamond and gold Judith- Jaubalet


Engagements and weddings carry special meaning that is unique and timeless.  Therefore Maison Jaubalet Paris can custom-design your engagment ring to convey that message. A  unique moment, unique jewelry… Our artisan jewelers at our workshop near Place Vendôme in Paris will make every effort to make your dream come true, your wishes a reality and our profound emotion a symbol with a ring representing your eternal love.


wedding band custome made - Jaubalet


Marriage seals the love between two beings for eternity. Maison Jaubalet Paris ensures that your diamond wedding band or engagement ring will last you a life time.