Conditions of Use

Publisher: The Jaubalet website is produced by Jaubalet SARL, with a capital of 40,000 Euros, registered at the French” Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris” under number 501 938 559. The corporate  office is located at 10 Place Vendôme 75001 Paris, France.

Publication Director: Sébastien Bencherqui


Claranet – 68, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris, Tel.: +33 (0)1 70 13 70 00. The present website has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, the French Data Protection Authority that issued the registration certificate #……….. dated  ………….

JAUBALET makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information published on this website as well as any updates, and reserves the right to correct the contents at any time without prior notice. JAUBALET cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy, the precision or the comprehensiveness of the information provided on the website.

Consequently, JAUBALET declines responsability for:

– any site interruption;

– appearance of bugs;

–  inaccuracy or omission concerning information available on the site;

– any and all damage resulting from fraudulant intrusion by a third party leading to a modification of the informaion provided on the website;

– and more generally speaking any direct and indirect inaccuracies, whatever the causes, origin, nature or consequences including and notably the costs resulting from the acquisition of goods on the site, loss of profit, clientele, data or any other loss of intangible property resulting from access to the site or the impossibility to access the site or credence given pertaining to any information directly or indirectly from the latter.

Protection of  Personal Information

In compliance with current laws protecting personal information, JAUBALET (hereafter the “supplier”) hereby informs users, who provide their presonal information to the supplier, of its confidentiality policy.

The current confidentiality policy applies to the supplier’s collection of data on its payment form. It is understood that the user communicates his or her personal information deliberately, freely, and does so of his own consent, for that purpose and unequivocally.

Data Base:

Personal information gathered by the supplier on the payment form is included in the database called “User Data Base”, located at the supplier’s corporate office. The said data base is comprised of personal information such as last name, first name, country, email address and bank details.


The purpose of the above-mentioned data base is to allow the payment platform (Credit Card Access) to access the said content. The user hereby consents to the processing of said personal information for this purpose and in order to be contacted by email concerning events, new products, new versions of existing products or for any other commercial or information the supplier deems appropriate. The user acknowledges and accepts that its personal information shall be communicated to other pertinent financial entities so that payment can be processed with these entities and this in accordance with the present conditions.

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the required informaion is mandatory. In the event required information is not communicated, the supplier may therefore not be able to authorize the user to purchase items or access, and/ or use the contents or any part of said contents.

The supplier commits to compliance with privacy and security regulations in order to keep the user’s personal information strictly confidential as well as the use of the said data as set out in these Conditions. Under no circumstance is the user obligated to provide any information to the supplier. The only consequence of the user’s non communication is the supplier’s incapacity to process the order meaning, invoice and access credit card payment, or to authorize access to content or to contact the said user.


Any person providing his or her personal information to the supplier has the right to access this information, to have it modified or deleted, or object to said personal information. The interested party can exercice his or her right by notifying the corporate office of the supplier in writing. If you the potential customer decide to use the website, you accept that JAUBALET will collect, use and disclose this information including personal and financial information in accordance with the the present Confdentiality Policy. If you the potential customer refuse to accept the terms of the Confidentiality Policy or any modification, please leave the website and do not purchase any JAUBALET PARIS products shown on this site.


JAUBALET reserves the right to use Cookies or similar systems on the website to make browsing the site easier for the user and to meet the user’s needs with the information that appears on the screen. JAUBALET also reserves the right to use Cookies or similar systems to collect information about the website users such as the IP address,  the type of browser, the operating system used and/or the Internet sites visited by a user, for statistics and security purposes. JAUBALET can collect this information in order to verify the use of the website and to improve certain aspects of the site.

Most web browers function on a default option to accept Cookies, though some may be set to disable the use of Cookies or there is a message on the screen. We recommend setting your browser to enable this function, as disabling Cookies would prevent free passage from page to page and therefore the user would miss the specificities of the website.


Internet can contain links to third party Internet sites. JAUBALET has no control over the content, confidentiality policy and/or  personal information protection policy or actions on these websites nor the use of the information the user provides to third parties on other sites and that these third parties can collect on other sites.

The Internet is not regulated by the present Confidentiality Policy. You need to carefully examine the confidentiality policy and personal information protection policy of third party websites and contact the publishers of these sites for any questions concerning how and for what purpose they use the information that concerns the user. JAUBALET cannot be held liable for any third party, its affiliate, or its agents who may not use personal information in accordance with the confidentiality of this third party or in compliance with any contractual or legal obligation to which these third parties, their affiliates or agents might be subject.

JAUBALET property right

The site as well as any piece of software used in connection with this site can contain confidential information which is protected by intellectual property rights or any other laws in effect. Therefore, and unless otherwise stipulated, the intellectual property rights of the documents appearing on this site and of the elements created for this site are the exclusive proprerty of JAUBALET as JAUBALET has granted no licence, nor any other right except the right to use the site. In particular, the brands and other intellectual property rights mentioned on the website are the property of the entities in question of JAUBALET. The reproduction of any documents published on the website is only authorized for information purposes and this for personal and private use only. Any reproduction for other purposes is expressly prohibited. It is also prohibited to copy or modify any part, as well as create a derivative work, to invert the conception or assembly of elements on the site or any other such attempt. In addition, attempting to find the source code (except cases), selling, attributing, sub-licencing or transferring any software right in any way whatsoever is also prohibited. In the same way it is prohibited to modify the sofware or use modified versions and specifically (not restrictive to this list) in order to authorize access to the service, to the site by other means than the interface provided for that purpose.


Internet can contain links to third party Internet sites. JAUBALET has no control over the content, confidentiality policy and/or personal information protection policy or actions on these websites nor the use of the information the user provides to third parties on other sites and that these third parties can collect on other sites.


You acknowledge and accept that JAUBALET can terminate the use of the website, with or without notice, if it judges that you have infringed upon these Conditions or acted in any manner incompatible with the letter and spirit of these Conditions or infringed upon the rights of Jaubalet or any other third party or for any other reason.


All the sapphire paves used by Maison Jaubalet are color treated to enhance their color.