Perseids Diamond Pendant<br />

Perseides Diamond Pendant

In 18 karat white gold, a 0.22 carat central diamond, 0.56 diamond pave 

Snuggled against her, the Perseids diamond pendant accompanies her and fondly reminds her who gave her this lovely gift. Maison Jaubalet Paris, true to its concept, adds the special touch that makes this pendant unique: customizing. In naming it Perseides, Jaubalet Paris draws its inspiration from meteor showers observed on warm summer nights. The design of this pendant in white gold and diamonds is sparked by this phenomenon and the glowing trail it leaves behind in the sky. The central diamond symbolizes a comet from which diamonds in various sizes spread out in spiral constellations. The shapes intertwine and overlap in a glowing pattern like falling stars. However this diamond pendant, well thought out, designed and crafted in the Maison Jaubalet workshop presents different levels of interpretation: a flower for some, a falling star for others, or even a stylish rose window… it’s up to the bearer to tell her own story and give her own interpretation. Here it is shown in white gold and white diamonds but it can also be customized in yellow or pink gold. The precious gemstones that are set in this pendant are carefully selected by Maison Jaubalet Paris then by the customer. Pure, eternal and exquisite white diamonds, elegant and original black diamonds; rubies, symbols of love and vitality; blue and pink sapphires, that stimulate intuition; or emeralds that aid in finding balance and serenity… Many combinations are also possible even a mixture of gemstones: perhaps a white central diamond with a black diamond pave; or even alternate colors for the more audacious among us.
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Perseids Diamond Pendant-Jaubalet-Paris