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It’s essential to be careful when purchasing a diamond on the Internet, because a brilliant cut diamond of the same weight but a different degree of clarity can vary considerably in price. Thus, the price of a Color D and Clarity VVS1 diamond will be 28.4 % less than that of a Color D and Clarity IF diamond. In the same way, the price of a Color H and Clarity VS2 will be 20.51% less than a Color H and Clarity IF diamond.

For diamond purchase on the Internet, MAISON JAUBALET PARIS  selects only the best gems (click here), t

Diamond - Jaubalethat’s why only D to G colors and IF to VS2 clarity gemstones are available. When purchasing a diamond on the Internet, make sure it is delivered with a certificate issued by one of the  three main international institutes: the GIA, the IGI or the HRD. For Internet purchase, we provide you with the full guarantee that you are purchasing the best quality diamond (all the Maison Jaubalet Paris diamonds are bought in Antwerp) at the most attractive prices thanks to the Internet.

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisDiamond color

The most sought after diamonds are colorless (D). From the letter D to Z, a whole range of nuances exists from light yellow to brown or gray. The color of a diamond is linked to the presence of elements like nitrogen,  for example. The grading is extremely subtle and the evaluation of numerous nuances cannot be not done by the naked eye, be it an expert’s eye. When buying a diamond online, selecting at least a G graded diamond is highly recommended. Pink, blue, green, amber or even red nuances exist as well. These hues are unusual which makes these diamonds rare among all the highly sought after pieces. When buying a diamond on the Internet, it is essential to compare prices which can reach thousands of dollars even for a gemstone of less than one carat.

Grading scale for color diamonds :




Exlibris Jaubalet ParisThe clarity of diamond

Diamond Clarity

Inclusions and irregularities are generally present in diamonds, just as exterior blemishes are. To determine the clarity of a diamond, an expert examines it with a jeweler’s loupe from the underside towards a source of light. Some inclusions cannot be identified by the average observer and in that case, the grading in a laboratory can only determine the S12 threshold that certifies that the blemishes cannot be seen be the naked eye.  A high degree of clarity does not necessarily mean that the diamond is beautiful. Indeed a high level of clarity does not improve the esthetic appeal of a diamond, but will on the other hand determine its value and rarity. The VS2  threshold is recommended by the experts at Maison Jaubalet Paris when buying a diamond via the internet.




Exlibris Jaubalet ParisThe weight of diamond

Diamond weightsThe weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. The word comes from the seeds in the beans of the carob tree which were used before the invention of the metric system (un carat = 0.2 grams). A large size increases the rarity of a diamond. Although it only weighs twice as much, a 1.00 carat gemstone is statisticaly much more difficult to find, therefore rare, than two .50 carat gemstones. That is partly why a 1 carat diamond is on average 4.2 times more expensive than a 0.50 carat diamond of equal quality even if it only weighs twice as much. The more carats a diamond has the more it will be rare and precious if its shape, size proportions, color and clarity are also outstanding.  A carat is the unit of measurement for diamonds. A carat equals 100 points, therefore a 50 point diamond weighs half a carat.  When buying a diamond online, it is important to verify that a certificate showing the weight is provided.


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Exlibris Jaubalet ParisThe Fluorescence of a Diamond

To buy a diamond online, the diamond must not show even a slight reaction to ultra-violt light called fluorescence. Bear in mind that if the diamond remains dark, it means it is not fluorescent. The light seen can be of different colors, the most common color is blue. When a diamond has high fluorescence, the general aspect of the gemstone can, in certain light, be modified and the value depreciated. This is mentioned on the certificate as follows:

To buy a diamond online,  Maison Jaubalet Paris recommends purchasing a diamond with no fluoresence  or possibly “very slight” fluorscence.

In the photo below, four diamonds are under a UV lamp. It is easy to see that there is “no fluoresence” on the left and “very strong  fluorescence” on the right.

Diamond Fluorescence

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisThe Polishing of a Diamond

To buy a diamond online, it’s important to verify the polishing. The grading of the polishing results from observing:

Polishing rating includes:

To buy a diamond online, we advise not going below “very good”.

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisThe Symmetry of a Diamond

To buy a diamond online, it is important to verify the symmetry. The symmetry rating results from observing:

– The presence of additional facets and large pinpoints (traces of the rough gemstone)

A few examples of symmetry defects:

Diamond Symmetry

Symmetry rating includes:

To buy a diamond online, we recommend not going below a symmetry rating of “Very good”.

Exlibris Jaubalet ParisDiamond Tables

Brillant cut diamonds with table proportions between  55% and 58% are generally considered possessing optimal beauty especially with weights exceeding 0.50 carats. When buying a diamond online, we advise not going below 62%.