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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend according to the famous song sung by Marilyn Monroe. Yellow, pink and blue natural fancy diamonds are an investor’s best friend as experienced at recent auctions. For example the “Pink star” is the most expensive diamond in the world:

Another example is a blue diamond:

Diamonds that are black, white, brown, blue, pink, yellow, pink, violet and red are among the rarest diamonds. Some of the colors are moderately rare such as black, brown or yellow ones. The most hard to find fancy diamonds are those that are red or reddish purple followed by purple, green, orange, blue and pink ones and finally gray, white, brown and black ones. Bright and dark yellow diamonds without nuances of brown, are called “canary diamonds” on the market.


Colored Diamonds


Natural colored diamonds are called  “fancy color “and their prices are calculated according to various criteria such as tone, hue and saturation. The color of fancy diamonds is based on these three parameters:


The main color of a diamond

Fancy color diamonds are broken down into 7 categories:

Not all diamonds actually exist in all of these categories. Orange diamonds for example do not exist in Faint, Very Light, ou Light, only Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep. 





The Secondary Color of a Diamond


For natural fancy colored diamonds, the secondary color is also graded as it influences the general color of the diamond. A yellow diamond with a green hue as a secondary color will be graded as “Fancy Greenish Yellow”. A blue diamond can have a grayish secondary hue, and it will be graded as “Fancy Grayish Blue”.

Color Intensity

The intensity of the color plays an important role in the value of the gemstone. For exapmle, a blue diamond or a pink diamond, among the rarest fancy colored diamonds, are very expensive and hard to find. There is a significant difference between a Fancy Light blue and blue or a Fancy Vivid Pink Fancy Light and a Fancy Deep Fancy Pink. The origin of a diamond also influences the intensity of the colors. Each diamond mine produces diamonds with different nuances. For example, a pink diamond from India or Africa is different from a pink diamond extracted from the Argyle mines in Australia.